Shearing Our Shetland Ewes

Our 12 Shetland ewes were sheared this past Saturday. Our shearer is Marcie Marseau (Poppen).

Anne helped with bagging the wool from each sheep, putting a tag with the sheep's name in the bag. That way we know who's wool it came from. The sheep's names are Flotta, Sophie, Langa, Lunna Ness, Mousa, Eina, Angharad, Seal, Iona, Song, Grizel and Little Rysa. Most of the names come from the names of the Shetland Islands. Iona is the name of an island off of Scotland's western coast. And Angharad comes from the movie "How Green was My Valley". Seal's name comes from the gray seal's off the coast of Iona. Song's name comes from the name of a song "Skye Boat Song.

My job on Saturday was to set up the shots to give to the sheep after Marcie had sheared each one. It sounds painfull  to give a sheep 2 shots, but the one shot helps the sheep to recover from having worms in their bodies that would make them sick. The second shot helps the sheep from getting sick if they eat too much fresh grass or grain.

Shearing takes the wool off the sheep, kind of like a close shave. If the sheep had their 3 inch long wool on them thru the summer they would get too hot. Just like you wearing your winter coat all summer long. Shearing also gives us the wool to work with. To make things like warm wool scarves, hats, sweaters, shawls, mittens. Many different clothes to keep us warm in the winter. The sheep give their wool to us to keep warm. By the time winter comes around again the sheep will have their warm wool coats to keep them warm and we will have a hat and scarf to keep us warm.