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Collection: 2020 Shetland Sheep Fleeces

Our 2020 Shetland Sheep Wool fleeces are Now Available. Our ewes did a great job over the past winter. Producing some wonderful large, most at 4 lbs., fleeces. Lovely, soft Shetland wool in Shetland colors. Musket (grayed brown), Moorit (reddish brown), Gray, Black and Black Iset (black wool with white wool fibers through out the fleece), a Special Shetland marking. Shetland wool is an especially nice wool for beginner spinners. Soft to the hand, easy to spin staple length of 3 - 4 inches. A variety of well known natural wool colors with Shetland names. Shetland wool used for hundreds of years to produce garments by hand spinning. Including yarn spun so fine a mere 3ozs. can make a Shetland Wedding shawl spanning 5 feet in diameter.
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