Autumn Leaf Dyed Wool  in Combed Top
Autumn Leaf Dyed Wool  in Combed Top
Autumn Leaf Dyed Wool  in Combed Top

Autumn Leaf Dyed Wool in Combed Top

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Sage Green, Sun Red Orange, Maple Tree Golden Yellow, Baby Bear Brown.

By now you know I love Autumn colors weither it's leaves on the trees or dyed wool yarn. This is no exception.

Tawny rich dyed spots of color fall into the next and repeal through out the long braid of combed top.

This is going to spin into something extraordinary. Braid weights 8.5 ounces.

If this is your first time spinning with combed top let me explain that combed top is made up of the longest fiber of the top of the sheep's back. You may find pulling off a short length of the braid will help you to spin the fiber easier. Giving it a couple of tugs along the length to partially pull out the fibers and loosen them before spinning will help too.

Spun combed top will give you a smoother finished yarn, not fuzzy like carded wool. The yarn you are making may need more twist put into it as you spin. 

Yarn spun from combed top will be a long wearing yarn and is perfect for knitting socks especially toes and heels or elbows in sweaters and for weaving. 

Don't be afraid to try spinning combed top and increase your spinning knowledge and experience. . It will make a great yarn for slippers, socks or mittens that will Wear well. 

Try It Out.